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The revolt of 185724:30
The revolt of 1857 – Why the revolt failed23:53
The revolt of 1857 – Hindu Muslim unity, nature and consequence of revolt38:20
Socio Religious Reform Movements33:22
Socio Religious Reform Movements – Social and Ideological Bases41:50
Struggle Against Caste-Based Exploitation00:00
Socio-Cultural Reform Movements and their Leaders00:00
Beginning of Modern Nationalism in India ,Understanding of Contradictions in Indian and Colonial Interests, Polit19:49
Indian National Congress Foundation and the Moderate Phase1:05:34
Evaluation of the Early Nationalists, Role of Masses ,Attitude of the Government19:36
Era of Militant Nationalism (1905-1909) Growth22:19
The Swadeshi and Boycott Movement Partition of Bengal to Annulment1:04:18
Evaluation of the Swadeshi , difference between moderates and extremist ideology24:48
The Surat Split21:33
Revision (1905-1909)00:00
Morley-Minto Reforms of 190924:36
First Phase of Revolutionary Activities 282 (1907-1917) Bengal, Maharashtra, and Punjab20:51
First Phase of Revolutionary Activities 282 (1907-1917) Bengal, Maharashtra, and Punjab (ii)17:36
The Ghadr, Komagata Maru Incident00:00

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