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Chapter 1 – Modern History1:05:05
Chapter 2 – Modern History00:35:31
Chapter 3 – Modern History01:34:42
Chapter 400:52:53
Advent of Europeans in India01:48:11
Expansion & Consolidation of British Power in India01:34:03
People’s resistance against British before 185701:37:36
The Revolt of 185701:48:34
Socio Religious Reform Movements General Features01:29:20
Governor Generals & Viceroys in India-I01:33:36
Governor Generals & Viceroys in India-II01:35:49
A General Survey of Socio-Cultural Reform Movements-II01:30:56
A General Survey of Socio-Cultural Reform Movements-III01:44:07
Beginning of Modern Nationalism in India01:29:06
Era of Militant Nationalism01:43:36
Era of Militant Nationalism-II01:47:02
First Phase of Revolutionary Activity01:31:18
First World War and National Response01:15:54
Era of Mass Nationalism Begins-I01:18:24
Emergence of Gandhi01:44:43
Emergence of Gandhi – 201:39:03


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