1. Correct Option: B Willy P Blazer, a Swiss envoy called Khajjiar lake as Mini Switzerland of the world, in July 1992.
  1. Correct Option: A Kishan Singh Sisodia was the founder of Tharoch.
  1. Correct Option: C Delath and Khaneti were two Thakurains which were made subordinate to Rampur Princely State in 1896 A.D.
  1. Correct Option: B Narendra Mandal (Chamber of princess) came to existence in 1921 A.D.and Raja Bhagat Chand of Jubbal represented the Shimla hill princely state.
  1. Correct Option: A Darati Pass:

– Between Chamba and Pangi.

– From Chamba one has to go to Alyas via Bhango.

– To descend over grassy and moraine slopes to Tandi one has to come down further to Udaipur ( Trilokinath temple).

  1. Correct Option: A  Karali lake: It is a dirty water lake on chhota shali hillock in Shimla district.
  1. Correct Option: A  Renuka(Sirmaur) 

§  This fair is celebrated in the month of November for 6 days .It starts after 10 days of Diwali.

§  Parshuram 6th incarnation of Vishnu used to visit his mother Renuka every year. This fair commemorates the annual meeting of Parshuram and Renuka at a place where Renuka lived with her husband Jam Dagani.

§  According to another version, sage Jamdagani was murdered by one Saharrarjuna. Struck by the incident

Renuka jumped into the lake. After whose name the lake was named. 

§  Renuka fair in tehsil Pachhad is one of the most important cultural events.

§  It was declared an international fair in oct 2011.

  1. Correct Option: D Guru Nanak Dev never visited Kehlur.
  2. Correct Option: B

Pandit Jaiwant Ram was the first speaker of Himachal Pradesh presently Vipin Parmar is the speaker of 13th state legislative assembly.

10)   Correct Option: C  0.57% is percentage of population of himachal to the total population of India:

11)   Correct Option: C HP govt has established Women Home to provide shelter,food ,clothing, education etc to destitute and women who are in moral danger at Mashobra.

12)   Correct Option: A Hukam Singh committee

13)   Correct Option: A Sawara Kuddu hydro power project on Pabbar river is funded by Asian development bank.

14)   Correct Option: A

SrNo.Religious%age toTotalpopulationGrowthRate
8Religionnot stated0.00764.00

15)   Correct Option: B The Chenab rises from the South-East and Bhaga from the North-West of the Baralacha pass.It enters Pangi valley of Chamba district near Bhujind and leaves the district at Sansari Nala to enter Podar valley of Kashmir. It flows in Himachal for 122 km.

16)   Correct Option: C

§  Siba was an offshoot from Guler and it was founded by Sibran Chand in A.D 1450. 

§  Jahangir along with Noor Jahan visited  Sibba in 1622.

§  In 1808 Bhup Singh of Guler invaded Sibba and annexed it. 

§  In 1809 Sibba came under Ranjit Singh and in 1830 he resorted it to Govind Singh.

§  King Dhian Singh, the PM of Maharaja Ranjit Singh had obtained the princess of the Sibba Family in marriage.

§  Ram Singh was the last king of Sibba.

17)   Correct Option: B Nurpur state was at its zenith during the period of Jagat Singh because he annexed Chamba ,and other areas, and he had good relations with the central power(Mughals) of India.

18)   Correct Option: C

§  It was founded by Kirat Chand around the 11th century on the left bank of Satluj.

§  Kiratchand came from Gaya because of the fear of Mahmud Ghazni. Before Kirat Chand, this territory was ruled by Koteshwardevta.

§  Ajmer Singh acquired the fort Shari and Shangri from KulluRaja Man Singh

§  Keher Singh: When Gurkha attacked state Kumharsain Raja Kehar Singh took refuge in Kullu and returned only in 1815 after expulsion of Gurkhas.

§  General Ochterlony granted sanad to Raja in 1815. Kehr Singh died in 1839 without male child and the state then lapsed to the British government.

§  In 1840 Pritam Singh, a district collector, was appointed to the Gaddi.

§  Rana Pritam Singh and his successor remained loyal to Britishers.

§  In 1898, after the death of Raghunath Singh, British appointed Rai Sahib Mangat Ram a wazir of the state with the powers of Raja

§  On 15thapril 1948, Kumharsain was merged with the then Mahasu district and now is part of Shimla district.

 19)   Correct Option: B They were under the Keonthal Riyasat

 20)   Correct Option: B Fateh Chand was given with Rajgir as a Jagir by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1828                

21)   Correct Option: B Nalati Stadium at Sarahan Rampur near this The conservation breeding centre for the

Western Tragopan is located, famous Bhima Kali mandir is also is in Sarahan

 22)   Correct Option: C Rahala Waterfalls, located at a distance of 29 kilometres from Manali Bus Stand, is a well-known picnic spot for locals and tourists

 23)   Correct Option: C Rukmani Kund is situated in distt. Bilaspur.As per story Rukmani scarified her life here due to the shortage of water in thearea.There was a sudden drought in the area and it was very difficult for Raja to survive and fulfill the water demands of his province. One day he had a dream in which his local deity told him to sacrifice his eldest son or Daughter-in-law. The raja chose his Daughter-in-law for sacrifice. In modern times there is a “Kund” over here and water is supplied to different parts of the distt which is commonly known as RukmaniKund.

 24)    Correct Option: C  Shanan Power House (commissioned in 1932) is the second hydro-electric power station of India in Megawatt capacity situated 2 km from Jogindernagar in Himachal Pradesh, India.

 25)   Correct Option: C ManSingh (1688 – 1719) · He invaded Mandi and conquered an area including the “Darang salt” mine. · He forced the ruler of Ladakh to fix a boundary between Kullu and Ladakh at “Lingti Plain” and Spiti was made to pay tribute.By passing through Satluj he captured Shangri from Thakur.· He built a palace at Rath village. · RajaManSingh was assassinated by Rana of Kumarsain with whose wife  Raja had fallen in love.

 26)   Correct Option: B

The Scheme will be provided to the widow between the age group of 40 to 79 years and belongs to BPL household. Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme (IGNWPS) was launched in 2009 as one of the five components of National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP), a welfare programme administered by the Ministry of Rural Development.

 27)   Correct Option: C  Prakritik Kheti Khushal Kisan Yojna a under Zero Budget Natural farming:

The State Government has launched a new scheme “Prakritik Kheti Khushal Kisan Yojna” in the State. The Government intends to encourage “Zero Budget Natural Farming”, so as to bring down the cost of cultivation. The use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides will be discouraged. The budget provided for pesticides/ insecticides to the department of Agriculture and Horticulture will be used for providing bio-pesticides and bio insecticides. A budget provision of Rs 20 crore has been kept for 2021-22.

28)   Correct Option: C

For women empowerment and environment conservation, a new “Himachal Griha Suvidha Yojanawas

launched. This scheme will obviate the necessity of fuel wood collection by the women.

29)   Correct Option: C   Jan ManchYojna: It was started on 3rd June, 2018 with the objective to establish a direct dialogue with the public and provide on spot redressal to their grievances. 

30)   Correct Option: A

Gyas Peak is a very & famous peak of Pangi valley of Chamba.

 31)   Correct Option: D  Musk deer farm is located in Kufri in Shimla distt. at the himalayan nature park Kufri,where this highly endangered species once prospered in the late Seventies.

 32)   Correct Option: B Sanjay vidyut Pariyojna-It is ASIA’S only underground switchyard, housed at India’s 120 MW Sanjay vidyut Pariyojna hydroelectric Project in Bhabha valley in Lower Kinnaur

 33)   Correct Option: B  Jogini waterfall in Kullu near Manali.

 34)   Correct Option: D Kunjoo and Chanchoo were famous lovers of Chamba and “Kunjoo and  hanchoo” is also a folk song of Chamba depicting their love story.

 35)   Correct Option: D Located at Kinnaur and connects India with Tibet.

 36)   Correct Option: A Guru Ghantal Gompa lies above the confluence of Chandra & Bhaga in Tupchiling village, it is made up of only wood.

 37)   Correct Option: B Lahaul spiti population decreased from 35000 in 2011 census to 33500.Thus  decadal growth rate of L.S is- 5.31%

  38)   Correct Option: D Sai Kothi mini Hydel project located inChamba.Saikothi Project is conceived at a run of the river scheme across Baira Nallah, a tributary of river Ravi, Located at a distance 70Km in Chamba and 136 Km from Pathankot in distt. Chamba, Himachal Pradesh.

 39)   Correct Option: B Kardang Gompa is lies above the Confluence of Chandra and Bhaga, Near Guru Ghantal Gompa .Kardang Gompa is biggest monastery of Lahaul Region & it was renovated by the Lama Norbu & has largest Collection Kangurs and Jhangur (Buddhist Scriptures)

 40)   Correct Option: B KANAWAR SANCTUARY is in nearest town Manikaran in Kullu.Largest  Remaining Population of Himalayan Tahr is found here.  

41)   Correct Option: A HathiDhar is a Snowless Range. It ist in distt. Chamba.HatiDhar Run Parallel to south of Dhauladhar.

 42)   Correct Option: A Sui festival or SUHI MELA is celebrated in Chamba from 15th of Chait to Baisakh. SUKRATA is sung in this festival in the commemoration of Rani Naina Devi.

 43)   Correct Option: B Ishwar-Gaurja (Gauri-Shankar Temple) was built by king Yungakar Verman. Yungakarverman’s Queen was Tribhuvan Rekha Devi who built the temple of Narsingh .

 44)   Correct Option: B Satluj Valley Temples is  Architectural style of Bhima Kali Temple Sarahan 

§  It is a style of mandap with one or more Pagoda roofs above the garbhagriha that correspond to shikhar of classical temple, usually at one end of the building but sometimes in the centre.A blend of Pent roof and Pagoda style .

§  It is a style of Mandap with one or more Pagoda roofs above the garbhagriha that correspond to shikhars of a classical temple.

§  Usually at one end of the building but sometimes in the centre.

§  A fusion of Pent roof and Pagoda style is generally found in upper Sathi Valley.

§  Some examples of this style of temples are  Bhimakali temple at sarahan.

 45)   Correct Option: A Tripura Sundari Temple is at Naggar-It is built in Pagoda Architecture.

  46)   Correct Option: A Nikka was the famous Painter of Chamba during the reign of Raja Raj Singh of Chamba.

  47)   Correct Option: B Antiquities of Chamba state is written by Dr.Vogell or JPH.Vogel

48)   Correct Option: A Rana Kirat Singh, founder of Kumarsain state was originally from Gaya.

49)   Correct Option: A Churdhar peak (3647 m) or Choorah Chandni is a part of Mid Hill zone.

50)   Correct Option: D Peaks: Lachalungla – Lahaul & Spiti, Deo Tibba – Kullu, Thamsar – Chamba.

51)   Correct Option: A Pangi valley is adjoining to the Chamba valley extending along the Chenab river cuts through the Pir Panjal and offshoots of the main Himalayan range.

52)   Correct Option: B Khasas have Khoond (warrior group). Khood has two sub-groups. Shatha – sixty i.e. Kaurva group  Pasha – five i.e. Pandava group

53)   Correct Option: D REGISTERED GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATIONS OF HIMACHAL PRADESH: Kullu Shawls (2004) ,Kangra Tea (2005), Chamba Rumal (2007),Kinnauri Shawls (2008),Kangra Paintings (2012),Chuli Oil (2019),Kala Jeera (2019)

54)   Correct Option: A ‘‘Kuphachacha’ or ‘Tshud-Thwagsti’ is a ritual performed in the case of divorce in Lahaul-Spiti, simple woolen thread is tied to the little finger of both the companions is pulled apart in presence of some elder person and this decides the issue.

 55)   Correct Option: D Himachal Pradesh is the only State in the country whose 89.96 percent population (Census 2011) lives in rural areas. Agriculture/ Horticulture provide direct employment to about 69 percent of total workers of the State. About 12.73 percent of the total GSDP comes from agriculture and its allied sectors.

56)   Correct Option: D Raja Anand Chand of Bilaspur died in October 1983 in London.

57)   Correct Option: D Tebhagstan is a type of marriage system of District Lahaul. Other marriage types of Lahaul are Kowanchi Biah, and Kunmaibhagstan.

58)   Correct Option: C Phagli is the biggest festival of Pattan valley. Pattan valley is also known as Chandra Bhaga valley.

59)   Correct Option: A Semant Sen was an infant when his father Raja Bilas Sen died. Rani of Bilas Sen along with her infant son Semant Sen took refuge at Seraj in a Zamindar’s house. Semant Sen after becoming Raja granted Jagir to the Zamindar and also built a fort in the same village. The fort of was named Rani-ka Kot

 60)    Correct Option: C Balsan was founded by Alak Singh Rathore from Sirmaur before the 12th century. It was an offshoot of ancient Sirmaur state.

 61)   Correct Option: D Raja Budhi Prakash of Sirmaur made his capital Rajpur.

62)   Correct Option: D Baghal was founded by Ajay Deo who came from Ujjan. He came and settled in the village Sairi. The earlier capital of the state was Damras which was later on shifted by his son Nand Dev from Damras to Darla.

 63)   Correct Option: B Hidimba Temple of Manali is entirely made up of wood and has a four tier pagoda shaped roof. This temple is also known as Doongri Temple.

64)   Correct Option: D It was opened for traffic in 1929 and has 993 bridges and 2 tunnels on it. It was built by Britishers for transportation of raw material to the Shanan Power house at Jogindernagar in district Mandi.

65)   Correct Option: A Bahadurpur Dhar is the highest peak of Bilaspur. Its altitude is 1980 meters from mean sea level. A 

66)   Correct Option: A Located in Mandi-Kullu region.It connects Manali with kullu.It is situated at an altitude of 2,788 metres.

67)   Correct Option: B Masroor Rock cut temple was built during the reign of Kannauj king Yashovarman in the 7th & 8th century. Temple is of shikhar style. The second story tells that it was built by Pandavas.

68)   Correct Option: A Lord Curzon supported the selection of Shimla as the summer capital of British India in these words “It is the only Place in India where a Viceroy can keep himself free from work land.

 69)   Correct Option: D The two units of the district i.e.Lahaul & Spiti, have separate historical backgrounds. In the distant past Lahaul had been changing hands between the rulers of Ladakh and Kullu. In the second half of the seventeenth century with the disintegration of the Ladakh kingdom, Lahaul passed into the hands of the Kulu chief. In 1840, Maharaja Ranjit Singh took over Lahaul along with Kullu and ruled over it till 1846 when the area came under the sway of the British. From 1846 to 1940, Lahaul formed part of the Kulu sub-division of Kangra district and was administered through the local jagirdars/thakurs. One of the thakurs was designated as Wizier of Lahaul & was invested with judicial and executive powers. Another thakur was given the powers of a Revenue Officer.

70)   Correct Option : D Treaty of Sagauli was signed in 1815

71)   Correct Option: B Gujjar are from both muslim and Hindu community

72)   Correct Option: C Kayang is dance in Kinnaur and Jhanki is folk dance of Chamba

73)   Correct Option : A Tabhagastan and Kovanchi are the type of marriages in lahaul and spiti

74)   Correct Option : D The Mandi conspiracy was carried out in 1914-15 under the influence of the Gadar party. Meetings were held in Mandi and Suket states in December 1914 and January 1915 and it was decided to murder the Superintendent and Wazir of Mandi and Suket, to loot the treasury, blow to up the bridge over Beas river.

75)   Correct Option : D This war lasted for 40 year in which Shambar was defeated and his 99 forts were destroyed by Aryan.

76)   Correct Option : B In Anglo-Nepal war, Sardar Bhakti Thapa was controlling the operation of the whole Western Region of Nepal from the fort of Malaun whereas the fort of Surajgadh was in the south of this fort. As the English force had control over the fort of Deuthal, 1000 yards away from Malaun fort, the whole of the Western Region was at stake which made Sardar Bhakti Thapa to go to the battle field, taking naked Khukuri and sword on his hand, along with 2000 Nepalese soldiers amidst the fierce gun firing of the English army on April 16, 1815.There was a fierce fighting between two forces, killing 100 soldiers of Nepalese army while all the officers were killed except only in the arsenal. In this battle Sardar Bhakti Thapa was hit by the bullet at his heart. The Major Actorloney, handed over very respectfully to the Nepalese army the dead body of Sardar Bhakti Thapa after covering it with a woollen shawl. The very next day, his body was cremated with the due state guard of honour. His two wife went Sati (burning herself on the husband’s pyre).Before going to the battlefield, he had handed over his grandson to BadaKaji Amar SingaThapa.

77)   Correct Option: C Himalayan states Regional council was organized in 1946.

78)   Correct Option: A All statements are correct.

79)   Correct Option : B Indrahar Pass is a mountain pass in the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas. Located at an altitude of 4342 metres/14,245 ft above the mean sea level, near the tourist town of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Indrahar pass forms the border between Kangra and Chamba districts.

80)   Correct Option: A

§  It was founded by Kirat Chand around the 11th century on the left bank of Satluj.

§  Kirat Chand came from Gaya because of the fear of Mahmud Ghazni. Before Kirat Chand this territory was ruled by Koteshwar devta.

§  Ajmer Singh acquired the fort Shari and Shangri from Kullu Raja Man Singh.

§  Keher Singh: When Gurkha attacked state Kumharsain Raja Kehar Singh took refuge in Kullu and returned only in 1815 after expulsion of Gurkhas. General Ochterlony granted sanad to Raja in 1815.

§  Kehar Singh died in 1839 without male child and the state then lapsed to the British government.

§  In 1840 Pritam Singh, a district collector was appointed to the Gaddi.

§  Rana Pritam Singh and his successor remained loyal to Britishers.

§  On 15th april 1948, Kumharsain was merged with the then Mahasu district and now is part of Shimla district.

81)   Correct Option: A The Himachal Pradesh Institute of Public Administration, popularly known as HIPA, was established on January 1, 1974 at FAIRLAWNS , a place about 12 kms. From Shimla on the Mashobra road.

The Institute is located in a building with a historical pass.

82)   Correct Option: C These are two types of dress (Coat) wrapped round the body like a saree.

83)   Correct Option: A Published works of Nicholas Roerich are Himalayas-the abode of Light, Altai Himalaya,

Sambhala, Gates into the future, Heart of Asia, Fiery stronghold, Complete works, Flowers of Morya, Adamant, Beautiful Unity and Himavat.

84)   Correct Option: C Kinnauri Arkel and Lincon Boon are the varieties of Peas.

85)   Correct Option: D Tripal is a Naga Shrine located in district Kangra. Shibu-ka-Than, Solah and Tripal Naga Shrines are known for curing snake bite.

86)   Correct Option: C Khatri Gaddis are believed to have migrated from Lahore to Bharmour as the famous

couplet “Ujrya Lahore te Basya Bharmaur’ indicated the place of migration.

87)   Correct Option: D The Lokayukta is an anti-corruption ombudsman organization in the Indian states.

Himachal Pradesh Lokayukta Act was passed in 1983. Governor appoints the Lokayukta for the term of 5 years after consultation with the Chief Justice of the High Court and Leader of Opposition in the State Legislative Assembly. Justice T.V.R. Tattachari was appointed as first Lokayukta of Himachal Pradesh on 17 August 1983

Eligibility: Only a person who has been a judge of the Supreme Court or a Chief Justice of the High Court in India.

88)   Correct Option: D Jiya Lal Bindiye is a folk song of district Mandi. Other folk songs of district Mandi are Nirmanda Ri Brahmaniye, Mani Ram Patwaariya, Na Manya O Hansa, Chhinj and Chhaanjoti, Panj Patra and Devku et al.

89)   Correct Option: A Swang and Dhaja are the famous folk dramas of district Bilaspur.

90)   Correct Option: B Jukaru is a 15-day festival of the Pangi tribal valley. Festivals like Jukaru are symbolic of the cultural heritage of the mountainous region and facilitate in bringing happiness and prosperity to the people of the snowbound valley. Residents worship local gods and goddesses of the area by offering locally made cuisines and greet one another wearing traditional costumes.

The Jukaru Festival Organising Committee of Pangi in Chamba district has decided to honour youth qualifying civil services, engineering and medical examinations of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and other service commissions despite the challenging life of the valley.

91)   Correct Option: D Sandhol valley is located in district Mandi [around 90 km from Mandi and 50 km from


92)   Correct Option: A Tikka Surender Vikkram Singh was honored with ‘Knight Commander of the Order of the Star of India’ and was elected to the legislative council of British India. He helped Britishers in their South Africa mission. He died in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand.

93)   Correct Option: C Raja Karam Prakash of Sirmaur led the foundation of the city and fort of Nahan and was a disciple of Baba Banwari Das whose descendants still hold the temple of Jagganath at Nahan.

94)   Correct Option: B Gobind Singh was the Raja of Siba when Emperor Jahangir visited the state.

95)   Correct Option: A The painting of Nikka (the greatest painter in the history of Chamba) had been found in the court of Raj Singh.

96)   Correct Option: D Shivalik range extends from river Ravi to Yamuna.

97)   Correct Option: D Rohtang Pass or Brigu-Tung (3978 m): Rohtang comes from Persian/ Farsi words Ruh + Tang which means ‘pile of dead bodies’. It is a high mountain pass on the eastern Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas around 51 km from Manali. It connects Lahaul from Kullu and has the distinction of being ‘world’s second highest road point’. First Englishman to reach Rohtang Pass in 1820 A.D. was William Moorcraft, who called it Ritanka Jot. Dr. J.G. Gerard and Lord Elgin crossed it twice on the same day in 1863.

98)   Correct Option: D Glaciers in Chandra valley in Lahaul are: Chhota Shigri, Kulti, Gyephang, Shili, Bolunag, Shamundri, Pacha, Shipting, Ding Karmo and Tapn. Glaciers in Bhaga valley in Lahaul are: Milang, Mukkila, Lady of Keylong and Gangstang.

99)   Correct Option: A Jalal River: It is the smallest tributary of River Giri rises from ‘Dharthi ranges’ adjoining Pachhad and joins Yamuna at ‘Dadahu’ from the right side. Human settlements along river Jalal are ‘Bagthan’ and ‘Dadhau’.

100)  Correct Option: D The Chamba People Defense League (CPDL) was established at Lahore in 1932. They highlighted the following issues such as Monarchical regime, Irresponsible administration, exorbitant taxes, and Restrictions that were imposed on the economic and civil liberties of the peasants.

101)  Correct Option: A Under the Union Territories Act, 1963, H.P. Territorial Council was converted into the Legislative Assembly. The strength of the Assembly was fixed at 43 including 2 nominated members. With this democratic set up was restored and the popular Ministry again installed.

102)  Correct Option: A Himachal Pradesh government has set a target to reduce the percentage of population living below poverty line from the existing level of 8.1 percent to 2 percent by the year 2022 in order to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.

103)  Correct Option: C Lord Amherst was the first governor general of India to visit Shimla in 1827 and stayed at the Kennedy House.

104)  Correct Option: A Tibetans attacked Lahaul Spiti and the King of Kullu helped the Tibetans which ended the governance of the Sen dynasty in Spiti.

105)  Correct Option: B R.C. Lee planted the British variety of apples in the Kullu valley. He planted the first apple garden at Bundrole in Kullu valley in 1870. The apples he planted were the Newton Pippins, King of Pippin and Cox’s Orange Pippin, but unfortunately because of their sour and tangy taste the cultivation of these English  varieties were not undertaken by the local farmers.