1. Correct Answer: (a) Rs.50,192 crore. The total budget of the State for 2021-22 is Rs. 50,192 crore. During 2021-22, total revenue receipts are estimated at Rs. 37,028 crore whereas, total revenue Budget Estimates expenditure is estimated to be Rs. 38,491 crore. Thus, total revenue deficit is estimated at Rs. 1,463 crore. Fiscal deficit is estimated to be Rs. 7,789 crore which is 4.52 percent of the Gross State Domestic Product.
  1. Correct Answer: (d) Una.      Cremica mega food park has come up in village Singhain in Una , HP.
  1. Correct Answer: (d) Rs 5000.      This scheme provides Rs. 5,000 incentive to the pregnant women and lactating mothers in three installments.
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 39.66%. With a mere 7 per cent contribution to State GDP in 1970, today the Secondary Sector boasts of a contribution of 39.66 per cent.As per the First Revised estimates of 2019-20, GVA contribution at current prices from the Primary sector is ₹22,280 crore (14.58 per cent). The contribution from the Secondary sector for the same period stood at ₹64,063 crore (41.94 per cent) while from the Service sector it is ₹66,411 crore (43.48 per cent). The Estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Himachal Pradesh and all India from 2011-12 to 2019-20 (FRE) at Current & Constant (2011-12) Prices are given in Table 2.
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Rs.135 crore. The present limit of Rs.120 crore for posing MLA priority schemes to NABARD for funding under RIDF will be increased to Rs.135 crore.  
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 35. Himachal Pradesh has emerged as a hub of drug manufacturing units and meets 35% of the demand of pharma products in Asia. Due to the growth of the  pharmaceutical industry, Baddi-BarotiwalaNalagarh industrial belt is known Globally  for  production of formulation drugs. The belt manufactures more than 150 formulation drugs, with a  demand in over 200 countries.
  1. Correct Answer: (b) Gandwal in Una.  First Emu breeding farm in H.P set up by the Easy way with a multi level marketing company at Gandwal.
  1. Correct Answer: (c) 27436MW.  The State of Himachal Pradesh has an estimated Hydro Potential of 27,436 MW out of which 24,000 MW has been assessed as harnessable.
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 0.25%. The contribution of Mining & Quarrying Sector in Gross State value addition (GSVA) at Current Prices has decreased as it has decreased from 0.64 per cent in the year 2016-17 to 0.25 per cent in the year 2020-21, due to the effect of COVID -19 and more contribution from the other sectors of the economy. It is also resulted due to stringent action taken to check illegal mining by the State Govt
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Kartar Singh.    
  1. Correct Answer: (d) 43.48% Services sector, as before has a surging share in the State GVA. It comprises Trade, Hotels & Restaurants, Transport by other means & Storage Communications, Banking & Insurance, Real Estate & Professional Services and Community, and Social & Personal services, It registered a growth of 7.7 per cent in 2019-20 (FRE) over the previous year. The GVA of the service sector as per FRE for the year 2019-20 is estimated at ₹46,568 crore as against ₹43,220 crore in 2018-19 (SRE). 

As per the First Revised  estimates of 2019-20, GVA  contribution at current prices from the Primary sector is ₹22,280 crore (14.58 per cent). The contribution from the Secondary sector for the same  period stood at ₹64,063 crore (41.94  per cent) while from the Service sector  it is ₹66,411 crore (43.48 per cent). 

  1. Correct Answer: (c) 191 MW. Forest clearance case of the project is under examination and DPR is in the  advance Stage of appraisal in CEA
  1. Correct Answer: (a) 5.2%. “Unemployment rate (UR) is defined as the percentage of persons unemployed among the persons in the labour force”. It is measured in terms of usual status (ps+ss) and weekly status in the PLFS(Periodic Labour Force Survey) .This gives the portion of the labour force actively seeking/available for work. According to the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) 2018-19, unemployment under usual status (ps+ss) for persons of all ages among the neighboring states and all India, shows that Himachal has an unemployment rate of 5.2 per cent (least) as against the all India of 5.8 per cent, Uttrakhand 8.9 percent, Punjab 7.4 per cent, Haryana 9.2 per cent. The unemployment rate in Himachal Pradesh has declined from 5.5 per cent in 2017-18 to 5.2 per cent in 2018-19. The unemployment rate in the usual status (ps+ss), was 5.3 per cent among males and 4.3 per cent among females in rural areas, while the rates were 6.5 per cent among males and 14.9 percent among females in urban areas. 

Note:*(ps+ss) = (principal activity status + subsidiary economic activity status) Principal activity status- The activity status on which a person spent relatively long time (major time criterion) during 365 days preceding the date of survey, was considered the usual principal activity status of the person.

  1. Correct Answer: (a) Mother Teresa Asahay Matri Sambal Yojna. The aim of this scheme is to provide assistance of `6,000 per child per annum to the destitute women belonging to the BPL for the maintenance of their children till they attain the age of 18 years and whose family income does not exceed `35,000. 
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 2015,  Himachal Pradesh Kaushal Vikas Nigam is a State Government Corporation, incorporated on 14th Sept, 2015 under Companies Act, 2013 as the State Skill Mission. It was established with a mission “To bolster the employable skills and livelihood potential of the State’s young generation (15-35 years) and equip them for continuous growth and learning in a changing job and entrepreneurial environment in India and the World”. 

Himachal Pradesh Kaushal Vikas Nigam (HPKVN) is the primary implementing agency of the Himachal Pradesh Skills Development Project (HPSDP), the flagship employment and livelihood scheme of the Government of Himachal Pradesh. It is also the State implementation partner of the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY). These schemes, in line with the National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, aim to enhance the technical and vocational skills of youth in the State through education and training. 

  1. Correct Answer: (c) Beas. The State of Himachal Pradesh has an estimated Hydro Potential of 27,436 MW out of which 24,000 MW has been assessed as harnessable while the Government has decided to forgo the rest to safeguard the environment and to maintain ecological balance and protect social concerns.    
  1. Correct Answer: (c) 89%.  Himachal Pradesh is the only State in the country where 89.96 per cent of the population (Census 2011) lives in rural areas. Agriculture/ Horticulture provide direct employment to about 70 per cent of total workers of the State.
  1. Correct Answer: (a) 33.68%.  
  1. Correct Answer: (c) 13.62 %. Agriculture is an important source of State Income (GSDP). About 13.62 percent of the total GSDP comes from agriculture and its allied sectors. Out of the total geographical area of State (55.67 lakh hectare) the area of operational holdings is about 9.44 lakh hectares and is operated by 9.97 lakh farmers with an average holding size is about 0.95 hectare. 
  1. Correct Answer: (d) All are correct. Gram Shilp Melas will be organized in Chamba, Kangra, Mandi and Shimla districts in 2021-22.  
  1. Correct Answer: (c) 88.86 %.   Distribution of land holdings according to the 2015-16 Agricultural Census shows that 88.86 per cent of the total holdings belongs to small and marginal farmers. About 10.84 per cent of holdings are owned by semi medium and medium farmers and only 0.30 per cent by large farmers.
  1. Correct Answer: (a) provide high density good quality plants to the farmers at affordable cost.  
  1. Correct Answer: (d) 80. About 80 percent of the total cultivated area in the State is rainfed. The State receives an average rainfall of 1,251 mm. Kangra district gets the highest rainfall followed by Chamba, Sirmaur and Mandi. Rice, Wheat and Maize are important cereal crops of the State. Agro-climatically the State can be divided into four zones viz Sub-Tropical, sub-mountain and low hills.  Sub Temperate, Sub humid mid hills,  Wet Temperate high hills,  Dry Temperate high hills and cold deserts.
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 300. CM announced to increase minimum daily wage from Rs.275 to Rs. 300 per day. Other daily wagers will also get a proportionate increase. The hourly wage rate of Part Time workers will also be enhanced accordingly. 
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 2005.   For the regulation of agricultural produce in the State, Himachal Pradesh Agricultural/ Horticulture Produce Marketing Act, 2005 has been enforced. Under the Act, Himachal Pradesh Marketing Board has been  established. Himachal Pradesh has been divided into ten notified market areas, its main objective is to  safeguard the interest of the farming community. A modernised market complex at Solan is functional for marketing of agricultural produce. At present 10 market committees are functioning and 58 markets have been made functional. Market information is being disseminated through different media i.e. AIR, Doordarshan, print media and internet to farmers
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Paonta Sahib. The State Government will spend Rs. 604 crore as energy charges in 2021-22 for running drinking water and irrigation schemes. The HP Government intends to reduce this expenditure. Solar power based drinking water supply scheme will be constructed in Paonta Sahib on an experimental basis in 2021-22.
  1. Correct Answer: (c) 3rd.   In PAI 2020, Kerala ranked first among large states, Chandigarh ranked first among Union Territories.Goa ranked first among small states followed by Meghalaya and Himachal Pradesh.

Good governance is “sine qua non” of public administration and it is important to have indicators which help to assess the standard of public services. In this case, Himachal Pradesh is the first State to pioneer the Districts Good Governance Index for measuring Governance performance on 7 Themes, 18 Focus Subjects and 45 Indicators as a self evaluation mechanism. The idea of DGGI arose when Himachal Pradesh was ranked first among 12 small States consistently in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 on the Public Affair Index (PAI) by the Public Affair Centre (PAC), Bengaluru.

  1. Correct Answer: (c) Both 1 and 2.  ‘Swaran Jayanti Naari Sambal Yojana’ from 2021-22 with an objective to expand the social security net for elderly women of Himachal Pradesh. All the eligible elderly women in the age group of 65-69 years, irrespective of any income criteria, will be provided a social security pension of Rs.1,000 per month.   
  1. Correct Answer: (c)  Netherlands. Potatoes and other vegetables were first introduced by Moravian missionaries at Keylong in 1857. Lahaul -Spiti has earned the distinction of achieving the highest per hectare production of Potato relegating the Netherland to the second position.   
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Sarkaghat.  After an interval of 15 years our Government has reorganized urban areas of the State to ensure planned development of fast urbanizing areas. As a result 3 new Municipal Corporations at Mandi, Solan and Palampur; one new Municipal Council at Sarkaghat; and seven new Nagar Panchayats at Shahpur, Amb, Ani, Nirmand, Chirgaon, Nerwa and Kandaghat have been notified.
  1. Correct Answer: (d)  Increase the tourism share to the state GSDP to 8.5%.  Himachal Pradesh has been progressing very well in the achievement of SDGs and achieved 1st rank along with Kerala during the SDG index report 2018-19 whereas, in SDG India Index 2.0, 2019-20 report the State held the 2nd rank in the country. The State has taken several steps for integration of the SDGs into the budgetary and planning process. The State has shortlisted 138 key indicators and targets for monitoring progress on SDGs, out of which 12 have been achieved, 38 are to be achieved by 2022 and 87 are planned to be achieved by 2030.
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Both 1 and 2.    Under this scheme, the young girls belonging to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Other Backward Classes of BPL families will be provided a grant of Rs.31,000 at the time of their marriage. An expenditure of Rs.50 crore is proposed to be incurred during 2021-22 under this scheme.
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Chamba and Kangra.    Himachal Pradesh Forest Ecosystems Climate Proofing Project with the assistance of KfW Bank Germany is being implemented in Chamba and Kangra districts of the State for the period of 7 years w.e.f. 2015- 16. The cost of the project is ₹308.45 crore. The funding pattern of the project is 85.10 per cent loan and  14.90 percent State share. 

The main objective of this project is the rehabilitation, protection and sustainable use of the selected forest ecosystems in Himachal Pradesh to increase and secure the resilience of forest ecosystems against climate change and ensure flow of forest based products and other services, which benefit the forest dependent communities. In the long run this will contribute in strengthening the adaptation capacity of forest ecosystems to climate change, protection of biodiversity, stabilization of catchment areas, conservation of natural resource base and at the same time result in better livelihoods for the people of Himachal Pradesh.

  1. Correct Answer: (b) Rs. 17.  
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Kangra. The only major irrigation project in the State is Shahnehar Project in Kangra District. The project has been completed and irrigation facility to 15,287 hectare land is being provided. The Command Area Development work is in progress and out of 15,287 hectare, 9,998.50 hectare land had been brought under Command Area Development (CAD) activities by December, 2020. 
  1. Correct Answer: (b) Kangra.   
  1.  Correct Answer: (c)  JICA.   Project namely “Himachal Pradesh Forest Eco systems Management and Livelihood Improvement Project” for 8 years (2018-19 to 2025-26) amounting to ₹800 crore has been started with the assistance of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The objectives of the project are to conserve the forest and mountain ecosystem and improve livelihood of the forest and pasture dependent communities by increasing forest cover, density and productive potential using scientific and modern forest management practices; enhancing biodiversity and forest ecosystem conservation and to reduce pressure/ stress on forest resources by providing the village communities with alternative livelihood opportunity.

The Funding pattern of the project is 80 percent loan and 20 percent State share. The project will be implemented in Bilaspur, Kullu, Mandi, Shimla, Kinnaur, Lahaul-Spiti districts and tribal areas of Pangi and Bharmour sub-divisions of Chamba districts with project headquarter at Kullu Shamshi, district Kullu and Regional office at Rampur, district Shimla. 

  1. Correct Answer: (b) 5 crore.   Keeping in view the spirit of 6th pillar of the Union Budget 2021-22, which is ‘Innovation and Research & Development’, I announce the creation of a “Research and Development Fund” for the Agriculture and Horticulture Universities of the State. This fund will be established with an initial corpus of Rs.5 crore. Detailed guidelines for the same will be issued separately.    
  1. Correct Answer: (a)  The World Bank has agreed to support this project at a cost of ₹650.00 crore titled ‘Integrated Project for Source Sustainability and Climate Resilient Rain-fed Agriculture’. The funding pattern of the project is 80 percent loan and 20 percent is State share. The project period is 7 years. The project would be implemented in 900 Gram Panchayats in Shivalik and Mid Hills agro-climatic zones spread across various watersheds in the State. The key objectives of this project include 103 comprehensive treatment of around 2 lakh hectares non-arable and 20,000 hectares arable lands; and enhancement of water productivity/ efficiency, milk production and livelihood improvement in the project area
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Grant-in Aid.
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Island Red. BACKYARD POULTRY SCHEME:- The Animal Husbandry Department has introduced Backyard Poultry Scheme under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme “Assistance to the State Poultry farms” which is a 80:20 scheme where the state poultry farms were strengthened. Now under the National Livestock Mission, various departmental poultry farms will be strengthened in a phased manner. The chicks of low input technology type are being produced at the departmental hatcheries. These chicks are reared for 2-3 weeks at different government poultry farms/ extension centres prior to their distribution in the field. In case, there is demand for day old chicks then the same are also provided to the farmers.  
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Rs.846 crore.     Rs. 9,405 crore is proposed for developmental activities during 2021-22. Outlay of Rs.2,369 crore is proposed for Scheduled Caste Development Programme and an outlay of Rs.846 crore is proposed for Tribal Area Development  Programme.
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Kullu.   A project proposal of `20.49 crore on “Reducing Glacial Outburst and Flood Risk in Parvati Valley of Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh” has been approved by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India.
  1. Correct Answer: (d) All of above. After an interval of 15 years our Government has reorganized urban areas of the State to ensure planned development of fast urbanizing areas. As a result 3 new Municipal Corporations at Mandi, Solan and Palampur; one new Municipal Council at Sarkaghat; and seven new Nagar Panchayats at Shahpur, Amb, Ani, Nirmand, Chirgaon, Nerwa and Kandaghat have been notified.   
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Nagwain, Mandi. One Ram centre at Nagwain in district Mandi is functioning where improved Rams are reared and supplied to breeders for cross breeding. The flock strength of these farms are 1,275 during the year 2020-21 up to December, 2020 In view of the increasing demand for pure Hoggets and the established popularity of the Soviet Marino and American Rambouillet in the pradesh, the State has switched over to pure breeding at the existing Government farms in the State and 9 Sheep and wool Extension Centres continue functioning. During the year 2020-21, the wool production is likely to be 1,467 tonnes. 
  1. Correct Answer: (c) 3,615. New Gram Panchayats were last constituted in 2005 although there had been a consistent demand to create new  Panchayats to meet the geographical and administrative needs. 412 new Panchayats have been recently. Currently, there are 3,615 Gram Panchayats in the State. 
  1. Correct Answer: (c) 1985.   It was launched in 1985 in Palampur. A newly launched scheme Himachal Khumb Vikas Yojna was launched during 2020-21 to promote mushroom cultivation in the State and ₹5.00 crore were received and further allocated to field functionaries. During 2020-21 till December, 2020 the Himalayan Research Group (HRG) Button Mushroom compost unit produced 120 MT of spawned compost and was provided to mushroom growers 
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 102.     102 Gram Panchayats have returned their representatives  unopposed, without casting a single vote. All such Panchayats are eligible for getting an incentive grant of Rs.10 lakh each.   
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Lari.    One Horse Breeding Farm at Lari in Lahaul and Spiti district has been established with the objective to preserve the Spiti breed of horses. 59 horses have been kept in this farm during the year 2020-21 up to December, 2020. One Yak breeding farm has been also established in the premises of horse breeding Lari Yaks are reared in Pooh Block and Sangla Tehsil of Distt. Kinnaur. 
  1. Correct Answer: (d) All are correct.   
  1. Correct Answer: (b) Kullu.   It is found in Hamirpur and in massive quantities near Chinjara and Banjar in Parbati valley and near Garsah valley in Kullu.
  1. Correct Answer: (b) Kangra and Shimla. One ornamental fish unit each will be set up in Shimla and Kangra in the private sector.
  1. Correct Answer: (d) Norway. Cold water resources of the State have shown their potential with the successful completion of ambitious Indo-Norwegian Trout farming project and tremendous interest shown by the hill populace for the adoption of evolved technology.
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Mashobra. An ‘Adarsh Varishtha Naagrik Home’ will be made functional in Mashobra during 2021-22 for senior citizens on pay and stay basis.  
  1. Correct Answer: (d) 243 MW.  Integrated Kashang envisages development of Kashang and Kerang streams of the Sutlej. Stage 1 generation target up to 31.03.2021 is 585.64 MU. Project work for II and III stage is in progress 
  1. Correct Answer: (d) 364. In 2020-21, 364 sites have been identified and work has been started at 180 places under the ‘Panchwati Scheme’. In 2021-22, parks will be constructed at 100 additional sites under this scheme.
  1. Correct Answer: (d) Italy.    
  1. Correct Answer: (d) All of the above.   63 Mandis are presently operational to assist farmers and producers in selling their produce in the market. The work on 3 new Mandis – Mehndali and Shilaroo (Shimla), Bandrol (Kullu) and expansion and up-gradation of 20 existing Mandis would be completed in 2021-22.  
  1. Correct Answer: (c)  Olive.  
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Una.       Bulk Drug Park project worth Rs.1190 crore to be set up on 1405 acre land in Una District. It will attract an investment of 8000 crore, turnover of Rs.50,000 crore is expected and it will generate employment for 15,000 people. The Government of India will provide a grant of Rs.1,000 crore for this park.
  1. Correct Answer: (d) Rs 9000. Himachali girl students belonging to Balmiki Families are given `9,000 
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Malaia. Himsuraksha Abhiyan across all the districts of the State was carried out from 25th November, 2020 to 4th January, 2021 in a campaign mode to sensitize the people regarding Covid-19 pandemic  and to collect information regarding symptoms of diseases like TB, Leprosy, sugar, blood pressure etc. by door to door campaign in the State and case finding in state with special focus on vulnerable population.
  1. Correct Answer: (d) Providing skill training and placement.   Mukhya Mantri Seva Sankalp Helpline @ 1100 is a one stop shop for all public grievances in the State. It covers: 1. Grievance registration. 2. Demands & Suggestions 3. Information dissemination.

It includes all sources of grievances like those received at the call center through toll free number 1100, through paper trails, emails, CM Sankalp mobile app or the MM Seva  Sankalp Portal. MMSS Helpline is operated through a Call Centre based at Shimla functional on all days from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. The Call Centre handles incoming and/or outgoing telephone calls; from /to the citizens and concerned officials responsible to deliver solutions for various services identified by the Government of Himachal Pradesh. 

  1. Correct Answer: (c) 45.  Females above 45 years whose annual income is less than 35000 per year.RS 1000/ month is pension.
  1. Correct Answer: (b) Women.   One Stop Centre is a Central Sponsored Scheme. The main objectives of the scheme are to provide integrated support and assistance to women affected by violence, both in private and public spaces under one roof; and to facilitate immediate, emergency and non-emergency access to a range of services including medical, legal, psychological and  counselling support. Presently one “One Stop Centre” has been set up as the Head Quarter of each District in Himachal Pradesh.
  1. Correct Answer: (d) Kiwi. Important Kiwi or Chinese gooseberry (Actinidia deliciosa) varieties cultivated in India are Abbott, Allison, Bruno, Hayward, Monty and Tomuri.    
  1. Correct Answer: (d) All of the above.     The Scheme provides an interface for rural women to approach the Government for availing their entitlements and for empowering them through awareness generation, training and capacity building. Student volunteers engaged under the scheme encourage the spirit of voluntary community service and gender equality, these student volunteers serve as “agents of change” and have a lasting impact on communities and Nation. This scheme is operational in all the districts of Himachal Pradesh.
  1. Correct Answer: (d) All of the above.    Saksham Gudiya Board Himachal Pradesh is constituted to make recommendations for the policy to empower, safety and security, upliftment and protection of crime against the girl child/adolescent girls. 

The main objectives of the scheme are as follows:  

-To make recommendations for the policies for empowerment of girl child/adolescent girls.

-To make recommendations on acts, rules, policies and programmes related to the safety and security of girl child.  

-To review the implementation of various programmes being run by different departments for upliftment and empowerment of girls child in the State.  

-To make recommendations for protection of crime against girl child and other social security measures.

-To make recommendations for qualitative improvement in the health and Nutritional aspects of girls.     

  1. Correct Answer: (c) Rs 51000. Under this programme, a marriage grant of 51,000 is being given to the guardians of the destitute girls for their marriages provided their annual income does not exceed 35,000.
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Rs.93 crore.  
  1. Correct Answer: (b) Rs 2000.Bal/Balika Surksha Yojna and Foster Care Programme: With the view to care for the Orphan or helpless children in a pleasant family environment, the government has launched this scheme.Under the scheme Rs 2300 per month is sanctioned for every child out of which Rs 2000 is sanctioned in favour of Foster parents and Rs 300 per month in favour of child, which is deposited in her/his bank account or post office account it can be drawn by the child after attaining the age of 18 years   
  1. Correct Answer: (d) Kangra. This is implemented in Kangra, Hamirpur Una, Solan, Sirmour, Shimla, Bilaspur and Mandi districts of  Himachal Pradesh with the objective of preventing gender biased sex selective elimination.
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Both. Himachal Government has launched a new scheme called Panchwati in convergence with MGNREGA, SBM (G) and 14th Finance Commission. Under the scheme parks and gardens are constructed in Panchayats with necessary facilities. Under  ‘Panchvati Yojna’ for senior citizens of rural areas of the State, parks and gardens would be developed in every Development block with necessary facilities under MNREGA Scheme of Rural Development Department. Main objective of this Yojna was to provide an opportunity to the elderly people to spend their leisure time in entertainment and strolling in these parks and gardens.

These parks and gardens would be developed on leveled land of minimum one bigha with convergence of MGNREGA, Swachh Bharat Mission (Grameen), and 14th Finance Commission to enhance the life expectancy keeping in view the health requirements of the senior citizens. Ayurvedic and medicinal plants would be grown there besides providing recreational equipment, walking tracks, and other basic amenities for elderly people.

  1. Correct Answer: (b) Shimla and Kullu.  Shimla and Kullu have been included under AMRUT mission.The Government of India has launched the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) with the aim of providing basic civic amenities like water supply, sewerage, urban transport, parks as to improve the quality of life for all especially the poor and the disadvantaged. The focus of the Mission is on infrastructure creation that has a direct link to provision of better services to the citizens.

The purpose of “AMRUT” mission is to (i) ensure that every household has access to a tap with assured supply of water and a sewerage connection (ii) increase the amenity value of cities by developing greenery and well maintained open spaces e.g. parks and (iii) reduce pollution by switching to public transport or constructing facilities for non-motorized transport e.g. walking and cycling.  

  1. Correct Answer: (b) Rs 12000.    Under this scheme Post Birth Grant of Rs.12,000 is provided to two girls only belonging to BPL families and scholarships are provided from 1st class to graduation level ranging from 450 to 5,000 for their education
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Chamba. The French Development Agency has given its consent for financing of these projects. Work is scheduled to start in financial year 2020-21 
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Rs 3000.The State Government has launched the ‘Sahara Scheme’ to provide financial assistance of Rs. 2000 per month to the patients belonging to the economically weaker sections of the society, who are suffering from specified diseases such as Parkinson, Malignant Cancer, Paralysis, Muscular Dystrophy, Hemophilia and Thalassemia etc.

The patients suffering from chronic renal failure or any other disease, which renders a person permanently incapacitated, have also been covered under the scheme. The main objective of the ‘Sahara Scheme’ is to provide financial assistance as a social security measure to patients suffering from fatal diseases in order to obviate and mitigate the hardships faced during prolonged treatment to an extent.

All patients belonging to the economically weaker sections of the society, whose family income does not exceed Rs. 4 lakh per annum and suffering from the diseases and taking treatment on a long term basis, are eligible for grant of benefit under the scheme. The confirmation of the diagnosis of the disease can be confirmed from medical treatment history, examination by the medical board. The factum of disease can be confirmed from a disability certificate if available to avail the benefit under the scheme.

  1. Correct Answer: (c) 66 MW.      
  1. Correct Answer: (d) BPL and 60 years or above.     
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 2 only.     Mukhya Mantri 1 Bigha Scheme, launched in the month of May 2020, is a convergence scheme between NRLM & MGNREGA. Any woman of a registered SHG with NRLM can avail the benefit of this scheme up to ₹1.00 lakh if she holds MGNREGA job card The scheme envisages strengthening of rural economy by linking (MGNREGS) under which a woman or her family who owns a land up to one bigha (or 0.4 hectare) can raise a backyard kitchen garden by growing vegetables and fruits.
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Rs 50000.      The main objective of the scheme is to help in rehabilitation of widows after remarriage, ` 50,000 is given to couples under this scheme.
  1. Correct Answer: (d) Lahaul Spiti.      
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Bharti Airtel.     e-Peshi Video Conferencing Facility in District Courts, Jails and other Government Departments of Himachal Pradesh The facility would eliminate the need for taking prisoners to courts and will facilitate faster delivery of justice M/s Bharti Airtel is the implementing agency to supply and install the VC equipment in the State and maintain the same for period of 5 years from the date of commissioning of the project.
  1. Correct Answer: (a) 2016.      
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 2011.       
  1. Correct Answer: (b) ADB.  ADB has released an instalment of Rs 75 crore for HP Sub-Tropical Horticulture, Irrigation and Value Addition project (HP SHIVA). The project aims at giving a boost to the plantation of sub-tropical fruits like orange, litchi, pomegranate and guava in lower regions and making the state the fruit bowl of the country
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Nathpa Jhakri HEP.     Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric Station of 1500 MW capacity was the country’s largest hydropower plant which was providing electricity to around nine states of the Country. He said that the project boasts of the largest and longest headrace tunnel, largest desilting chambers, deepest and largest surge shaft and the largest underground power complex.
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 1000 hectares.    
  1. Correct Answer: (c) 7 %.     
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Univoltine.      
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Rombullet.      
  1. Correct Answer: (c) 1944.  
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Rs.1,83,286.     The per capita income of the State is estimated to be Rs.1,83,286 which is more than the estimated national per capita income for 2020-21 by Rs. 56,318.
  1. Correct Answer: (d) Rs.2,369 crore.              
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Parala. Under Word Bank funded Horticulture Development Scheme, five lakh fruit plants will be imported, small irrigation schemes for 8000 hectare command area will be developed, Gene Repository will be established in Horticulture University Nauni and Apple Juice Concentrate line will be established in Parala plant of Shimla district.      
  1. Correct Answer: (b) Rs.5,00,000.      There is a need to provide well-thought and well planned support to develop entrepreneurship amongst the SHGs. At present the SHGs can avail interest subvention based loan up to an amount of Rs.3,00,000. I propose that the SHGs willing to take a loan up to Rs.5,00,000 to increase their activities and develop their entrepreneurship will be provided interest subvention at the same rates for an additional amount of Rs.2,00,000. Rs.10 crore will be spent annually on this subsidy.
  1. Correct Answer: (c) Lahaul and Spiti and Kinnaur. ‘Chharma’ (Seabuckthorn) plantation will be undertaken on 250 hectares in the high altitude areas of Lahaul & Spiti and Kinnaur districts in the next 5 years. ‘Chharma’ will be planted on 50 hectares of land in 2021-22.
  1. Correct Answer: (a) Shoghi. The Science Learning and Creativity Centre being constructed at a cost of Rs.10 crore near Shoghi in Shimla will be dedicated to the people in 2021-22. The construction of the much-awaited Planetarium will also be started at the same place in 2021-22 at a cost of Rs.7 crore. 
  1. Correct Answer: (a) 1.80 crore.The ‘Vidhayak Kshetra Vikas Nidhi Yojana’ was suspended in April 2020 due to a difficult financial situation. Later it was partially restored and an amount of Rs. 50 lakh was released. This Nidhi will be restored in 2021-22 and I announce the increase of this Nidhi from the existing Rs.1.75 crore to Rs.1.80 crore.The Hon’ble MLAs can recommend a maximum amount of Rs. 50,000 for Self Help Groups in addition to Mahila Mandals and Yuvak Mandals       
  1. Correct Answer: (a) one thousand. One thousand candidates will be trained in traditional arts of metal, stone and wood craft under ‘Mukhya Mantri Gram Kaushal Yojana’ in 2021-22 and one thousand beneficiaries will be provided job placement under ‘Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushal Yojana’.      
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 250 women will be authorised by banks to work as ‘Bank Correspondent Sakhis’ to provide better banking facilities in remote areas.      
  1. Correct Answer: (d) 68. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Statehood our Government will develop 68 Swarnim Vatikas to promote healthy and natural lifestyles among citizens.     
  1. Correct Answer: (b) Chamba and Mandi.  Pneumonia is one of the major reasons for under 5 mortality. Our Government has taken several steps to reduce the deaths on account of pneumonia. In this context I announce that pneumonia screening will be done in all Health and Wellness Centres with the help of Oximeter under the Universal Primary Health Care Programme. The programme will be started in Mandi and Chamba districts in the first phase and will be expanded to other districts, based on the results.    
  1. Correct Answer: (a) 10. despite increasing urbanization only 10 percent of our total population lives in notified urban areas.  
  1. Correct Answer: (c) 3 years.  The newly created ULBs and the newly merged areas have been exempted from paying property tax for a period of 3 years and the rights of the residents have also been protected.    
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 409 crore. The State Government will receive an amount of Rs.409 crore during 2021-22 from Government of India under National Disaster Relief Fund as per the recommendation of the Fifteenth Finance Commission. These funds will be used for capacity building for risk mitigation and to provide immediate relief in case of any eventuality.      
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 17,716 kilometers. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana started by former Prime Minister of India, late Sh Atal Bihari Vajpayee, has proved a boon for the State. Till now 2,896 works involving 17,716 kilometres long road have been completed under the Yojana        
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 5 lakh. Assistance to international level fairs will be enhanced from present Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs, to national level fairs from present Rs.2 lakh to Rs.3 lakh and to state level fairs from present Rs.1 lakh to Rs.1.5 lakh.
  1. Correct Answer: (b) Nurpur. A War Museum was constructed near the War Memorial, Dharamshala. However, it was not put to use for some years. This museum will be fully equipped and dedicated to the public in the coming year. Construction of the War Memorial at Nurpur will be started in 2021-22.
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 4.52 percent of the Gross State Domestic Product.          
  1. Correct Answer: (c) 180 MW.  The State Government has decided in November, 2020 to give one time relaxation to all the power producers to construct pending hydro electric projects at an early date. During the 2021-22, projects of around 755 MW capacity are likely to be commissioned, which include Bajoli Holi (180 MW), Parvati-II (400 MW), Tidong-I (150 MW) and Lambadug (25 MW).
  1. Correct Answer: (c) 25 MW.    
  1. Correct Answer: (b) 10,000 MW. As per Government of Himachal Pradesh Power Vision Document 2030, the government  will propose to harness an additional 10,000 MW of renewable energy by 2030.